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We are a holding company, focused on providing real solutions to the needs of our clients, to make their lives and businesses safe and profitable.


We consider ourselves leaders and benchmarks in the area of comprehensive security, administrative, legal, technological, cleaning and maintenance services, providing innovative solutions with high quality standards, where the client is our number one priority.

Sayeret Group is made up of the companies Sayeret Security, Sayeret Admin&Clean and Sayeret Innovation, in addition to an important range of   strategic allies around the world, which provides robust support for the services provided by the group.


We provide an excellent response to the demand of our clients at a local, regional and global level.


In 2014 Sayeret Group opens its doors in Panama with the entrance to the group from Mr. Albert Leikin, former Israeli Police Special Forces and current General Manager and main shareholder of the group operation for Panama and the Central American region and the Caribbean, as SAYERET SECURITY AGENCY, INC. private security agency with resolution No. 10/DIASP/DASP/2021.

A comprehensive security services company made up of experts is developed in security and protection, created in response to the demand for security in the market, getting fast success.

In the year 2018 as part of our strategy to extend the scope of our services in order to offer a complete solution to our clients, born under the direction of Ms. Katya Zygart, SAYERET ADMIN & CLEAN, SA, a company focused on providing cleaning services high quality to support the management of business administration, real estate, condominium, shopping malls, cleaning, maintenance, concierge, and related services.

In 2019, SAYERET INNOVATION, SA  was created with Mr. Daniel Esteller, an expert in the legal area, security and projects, as a founding partner, with the aim of providing innovative solutions in the field of electronic security,technological and computer services.

The team formed to carry out the Sayeret Group operation developed its experience in the Israeli army, special police units, government security services, community security, corporate and embassies around the world, Expert administrators, consultants and financiers make of Sayeret your integral ally.


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Lic. Albert Leikin: experienced ex-combatant, expert

in police techniques, counterterrorism and techniques of

mixed combat. He has been trained to the highest level in

the army, and in the police special forces

From Israel.

During the last 20 years he has participated in numerous

and successful operations with the main units

Defense of Israel (veteran of the second war

of Lebanon) and has directed a variety of projects of

international security.

Started as a member of the engineering brigade

combatant in the Israel defense army, to such

effect received special training in the field of

explosives and mechanized combat. After fulfilling the

military service, Albert joined the special forces of

the Israeli Police where he specialized in combat techniques, counter-terrorism and crowd control, as well as protection of people at high risk.

Subsequently, Albert privately held the role of security director for a prestigious company in the Republic of Panama, where he specialized in the field of corporate security, loss prevention and occupational safety. Exercising this position I carry out several security projects for different commercial companies of the highest level.

Today Albert has a degree in business administration and continues to improve and professionalize himself in different branches of security, he is president of the Business Security Alliance, a non-profit organization that aims to strengthen the security of Panamanian commerce.

Albert creates the company in Panama bringing his proven field experience, professionalism, reliability and interpersonal skills, as well as knowledge and experience in managing projects from planning to execution in all aspects: professional, operational and logistical.

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